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Workout integration

Vegains considers your weekly workout routine. Therefore, your meal plan will automatically be adjusted in order to meet your increased nutritional requirements – no matter if you work out at a gym, play team-sports like basketball, attend CrossFit, yoga or other group fitness classes.

The Vegains Nutrition Coach analyses your personal nutritional needs based on your biometrics and your fitness goal. As a result, you will receive a highly individualized meal plan created by our artificial intelligence. To suit your taste each recipe in the meal plan comes with 6 alternative recipes. In total, the app provides more than 300 vegan recipes.

Meal by Meal

Easy Shopping

Of course, you will also receive your individualized shopping lists to make vegan grocery shopping easier than ever before. You can buy your groceries for the whole week, a few days or even single meals. You have the flexibility to adjust your meal plan to your daily routine and habits. In case an ingredient is not available, the shopping list will also suggest suitable alternatives.

Knowledge is Power

In the master classes, you will receive important knowledge about vegan nutrition & a vegan lifestyle. In weekly new videos, Ferdinand Beck (Vegains) teaches you progressively the classes “Eating Healthy”, “Nutrition Basics”, “Macronutrients”, “Micronutrients & Supplementation” and “Advanced Vegan Know-How”. Your classes will include lessons from “What are macronutrients?” to “Where and how to shop best” or “What is Vitamin B12 and where to get it?” and will cover even advanced knowledge like “Comparing fresh vs frozen vs canned ingredients”.

Thrive on plants, meal by meal

Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, increase your performance, boost your digestion, improve your health or beauty, enjoy the variety of easy-to-cook & delicious recipes or help to make the world a better place vegan nutrition is a step forward in the right direction.




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Master Classes

learn important know-how on vegan nutrition & lifestyle in weekly master classes. 

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